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Diversified Assets, Widespread Exposure

Baron's investment philosophy and process have historically succeeded across market caps, geographies, and sectors. Baron WealthBuilder offers investors a diversified portfolio of our Funds with exposure to growth stocks across the investment landscape.

Long-Term Financial Security

When it comes to your savings, we understand the stakes are high. Goals may seen insurmountable; and appropriate paths are unclear. Whether your investment horizon is 10 years or 30, Baron WealthBuilder is designed to help grow your assets over time. Time is the greatest advantage in reaching your objectives. Please note there is no guarantee that this objective will be met.

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Veteran Investor, Skilled Allocator

Ron Baron, founder of Baron Capital, has a proven track record of success as an equity investor for over 50 years. Through his experience and insights, he is well positioned to determine the allocation of capital among Baron Funds. Baron WealthBuilder puts Ron’s expertise to work for you.

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