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The market has doubled approximately every 11 years. Baron Funds has outpaced those returns. As of 9/30/20, 16 of 17 Baron Funds, representing 98.3% of Baron Funds’ asset under management, have outperformed their respective passive benchmarks since their inceptions. 

Timing the Market is Futile

The only thing predictable about the stock market is that it is unpredictable. Instead of worrying about the daily noise, we invest in companies we think will succeed and grow over the long term. We believe wealth is created over time.

Investments for Everyone

Institutions, ultra high net worth investors, and financial advisors have trusted Baron Funds for themselves and their clients. Invest alongside us. A low minimum investment makes Baron WealthBuilder accessible to all.

Diversification cannot guarantee a profit or protect against loss

Diversified Assets, Widespread Exposure

Baron WealthBuilder provides investors with exposure to a wide array of growth equity funds across market caps, geographies, and sectors. While the businesses, industries, and regions are diverse, all Baron WealthBuilder’s holdings have one thing in common: each meets the strict criteria of the time-tested Baron investment philosophy.


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Now it's Time to Build Wealth

Investment Philosophy

For nearly 40 years, we have built our business on the quality of our research and a focus on investing for the long-term. While investment fads may come and go, we have always stayed committed to our analytical process, our clients, and our community.
  • Independent, exhaustive research and analysis is essential to successful investing
  • A long-term perspective allows us to focus on business fundamentals and prospects rather than short term noise  
  • Attractive growth investments have unsatisfied demand from sizable addressable markets 
  • A sustainable competitive advantage is essential for a business to deliver on its goals
  • People are the key drivers of a successful business; understanding the strategies, motivations and ethics of a business’s leaders and employees is equally as important as understanding its financial structure
  • An investment’s entry price is important to mitigate risk and enhance returns; but it does not dictate its future value
  • There is no finish line: research, analysis, and risk management are a continuous and evolving process

Veteran Investor, Skilled Allocator

Ron Baron

Chairman, CEO, and Portfolio Manager

Ron Baron is the founder and CEO of Baron Capital. In addition to Baron WealthBuilder Fund, he is the portfolio manager of Baron Growth Fund, Baron Partners Fund, and Baron Focused Growth Fund. With 50 years in the business, Ron is one of the most respected equity growth managers in the country. He has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Barron's, Forbes, CNBC, and other leading financial publications.

Ron founded Baron Capital in 1982 and has 50 years of research experience. From 1970 to 1982, Ron worked for several brokerage firms as an institutional securities analyst. From 1966 to 1969, Ron worked at the U.S. Patent Office as a patent examiner, while attending George Washington University Law School. From 1965 to 1966, Ron worked at Georgetown University as a teaching fellow in biochemistry. Ron graduated from Bucknell University with a B.A. in Chemistry in 1965.

It is important for companies to do well by doing good

Jamie Stone is our Director of ESG Research.

Baron Capital ESG Policy

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“Invest in what companies can become”


We built Baron Capital with a differentiated view on investing and clients. Our goal was to generate returns that would provide the security for retirement that individuals craved but could rarely access.

I came to New York in 1975 with a passion for investing and an ambition to challenge the industry. My early Wall Street career was typical, yet exceptional. In debt and living on a friend’s couch, I finally found work selling investment research to wealthy institutions. Meeting commission quotas was reliant on an ability to generate new investment ideas for large institutions. It was the job of many young investment professionals at the time. But differentiated methods and results made me stand out. The diligent research deployed resulted in sizable returns for clients and a loyal following among the elite investors of the day.

However, I was unsatisfied. I had envisioned using my investment approach for the people who had helped me throughout my life, not only deep-pocketed institutions. One of my uncles, a university professor, was the first to pique my interest in investing and taught me the importance of compounding returns. I envisioned assisting people like my father, an army engineer, and my mother, a petrol station bookkeeper, in building their retirement savings. It would only be achievable through low investment minimums, transparent research, and reasonable costs. With a small group, we started Baron Capital in 1982 with this vision.

The investment philosophy of Baron Capital was to be the long-term partner of businesses in which we invested. We understood that individuals should invest in companies that correspond with their time horizon. The common approach of investing in what companies are today does not make sense if you anticipate owning through retirement. Instead, investing in what companies can become better aligns most investors’ objectives. We started by researching small, undiscovered businesses and owning them as they grew into large industry behemoths. The team traveled regularly and extensively, meeting executives at their businesses who explained in depth their strategies and prospects for success. Peers saw the differentiated methods and analysis we conducted and wanted to join the quest. The team slowly grew, and the process evolved. The expanding group worked together to uncover opportunities with the top investment prospects while always remaining focused on the investors for whom we were providing financial stability.

Over the years, our firm continued to grow in scope, clients, and stature. New strategies were formed that deployed the same investment philosophy across various-sized businesses, geographies, and sectors. Today, Baron Funds has a lineup of 16 investment strategies with over 98% of the funds’ assets exceeding their benchmark since their inception. We are a team of over 40 investment professionals. All of us are applying Baron’s time-tested, long-term, fundamental investment approach while drawing upon our own experience, skills, and industry expertise.

Baron Capital’s popularity has grown immensely since our humble founding. But many prospective clients remained at an impasse when it came to selecting the appropriate offerings. They did not know in which strategy to invest and the suitable allocation breakdown among the various options. We had not satisfied our original goal of bringing investment security to everyone because many were stuck at the crucial allotment decision.

Prospective clients asked for assistance. The team proposed a fund that would allocate across our various strategies. Baron Capital could determine the appropriate allocation, rebalance in a tax efficient manner, and achieve optimal long-term returns while mitigating short-term volatility. After considerable time and studies understanding prospective returns, various correlations and risk, we were comfortable that a new strategy could closely mimic the way we had successfully invested. It would allow anyone to have the same access to diversified returns that we had personally utilized. It would allow anyone to build their wealth.

In an industry notorious for high fees and the layering of costs, we saw these charges as an impediment to investor returns. Layering additional fees would be egregious and detrimental to our clients’ goals. We made a commitment to not charge any overlay management fee for these allocation decisions.

And with that in mind, we created Baron WealthBuilder.


Ron Baron and Michael Baron signatures